Only Skin Deep

The Decanter – Vital or Superfluous?

 There’s a reality show called Myth Busters that debunks or confirms commonly held beliefs like: Can a person take to the skies using only a lawn chair tethered to balloons, or will using a cell phone near a gas pump cause an explosion? Well, a shadow of doubt has been cast within the wine world as to whether or not decanting a wine really makes it taste better. Join me in today’s session on whether the decanter is a myth or a marvel. And maybe you can make a major contribution by answering this burning question.

About DeniZe

“Multitalent” doesn’t begin to describe the phenomenon that is DeniZe. A trained singer, conductor, actress and public speaker, DeniZe lived in Europe for an extended period before returning to her roots in the heart of Long Island’s burgeoning winegrowing region.
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