A Grape for all Reasons


  The pendulum of business paradigms seems to swing from diversification to core strength. Businesses divest themselves faster than a 70’s-stadium streaker, only to swing back to another acquisition spree with all the ferocity of a Black Friday shopper.  Perhaps such shed-and-grow changes are necessary to keep businesses on their toes. However, when a pendulum swings in one direction, it is to the exclusion of the other direction, right? One grape in particular seems to defy these dynamics: its core strengths, offset by its ability to diversify its market appeal, makes it a grape for all reasons.

About DeniZe

“Multitalent” doesn’t begin to describe the phenomenon that is DeniZe. A trained singer, conductor, actress and public speaker, DeniZe lived in Europe for an extended period before returning to her roots in the heart of Long Island’s burgeoning winegrowing region.
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