Someday My Prince Will Come


  I am amazed at just how plugged into pop culture Mad Dog is despite his protests of having absolutely no interest in it whatsoever. Naturally I have to ask, “If you’re not interested, how come you know so much?” to which he replies, “Because it’s omnipresent. You see it on the news, you read it in the newspapers and hear it on the radio. Wherever you go, it goes.  It simply hogs the spotlight.” This can also happen with wines. If a certain type of wine is currently in fashion, its hype can be so pervasive that you may hear about it to the exclusion of anything else.

About DeniZe

“Multitalent” doesn’t begin to describe the phenomenon that is DeniZe. A trained singer, conductor, actress and public speaker, DeniZe lived in Europe for an extended period before returning to her roots in the heart of Long Island’s burgeoning winegrowing region.
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