Vines, Grapes and Wines by Jancis Robinson

When I registered for my first level of wine exams, one of the recommended readings was Vines, Grapes and Wines by Jancis Robinson. As I opened the book with reference-book angst and trepidation, my worries were quickly dispelled. Instead of being introduced to an endless list of dry facts, I was treated to an oasis of juicy anecdotes. I soon discovered that grapes were not just, well, grapes. They have personalities all their own with the same charms, strengths, short-comings, and idiosyncrasies as you and I. Whether it is fact or fiction, it is not what you write but how you write it. Jancis Robinson’s Vines, Grapes and Wines magically turns the how into the wow.

If you’ve ever wondered why Cabernet Sauvignon is the grape of the masochist or why Chardonnay’s past makes it anything but noble, then you need to add Vines, Grapes and Wines by Jancis Robinson to your collection of ‘grape’ literature. Your very own copy is just a click away.

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