Sparkling Pointe Review

Sparkling Pointe Poster
Sparkling Pointe
39750 Route 48
Southold, New York


“If it doesn’t Sparkle, what’s the Pointe?”

Sparkling Pointe in Southold specializes in making Champagne, and the story of its owners is indeed a love story. Tom and Cynthia Rosicki shared a passion for Champagne; in fact they toasted each other with Champagne on their very first date. One day in 2001 they paid a visit to Steve Mudd, the pre-eminent vineyard developer and manager. After preparing the ground a year later, Steve asked Tom and Cynthia what kind of wine they wanted to produce. With a sparkle in their eyes, they replied, “Champagne!” Fate? Coincidence? Ask Tom and Cynthia, and they will tell you that romance and magic lies within the soul of a sparkling dream come true.

Wine List:

2006 Blanc de Blancs

2002 Brut Seduction

2007 Brut

  • Platinum – 2011 Critics Challenge International Wine Competition
  • Bronze – 2011 Riverside International Wine Competition

2009 Topaz Imperial

  • Platinum Critics Challenge International Wine Competition

Cuvee Carnaval

  • SILVER – 2011 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 

 de gustibus non disputandum est

Both Mad Dog and I have worked in environments where any excuse was good enough to pop the cork on a bottle of Champagne. Mad Dog was privy to a selection of bubbly which read like a Who’s Who of Champagne aristocracy; I to the greatest vintages cellared in the noble vaults of Krug Champagne. You would think that this experience might have prejudiced our palates to anything but sparkling wines produced in that eponymous region in northeastern France. Until recently, our only hope of reliving those sparkling memories would have meant a trip to France or, at least,  to the French section of our neighborhood wine shop. What has changed? We discovered Sparkling Pointe, a palace of the perlant with its selection of méthode champenoise sparkling wines. Crafted by Reims’ native son Gilles Martin and kissed by the favorable climate of the North Fork, they’re a celebration in a glass that sparkle with the best of their Champagne cousins.

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