Practical matters: Possible distractions – feeling right

  • Try sampling, one at a time mind you, toothpaste, cough medicine, strong mints, chewing gum, chocolate vinegar and tea just before taking a sip of wine.
  • Note how these ‘tastes’ compromise not only your ability to assess the wine but also your enjoyment of the wine.
  • Once you’ve experienced the havoc each of these strong flavors have played on your palate, try working out a neutralizing technique to quickly put your palate back in the pink.

2 Responses to Practical matters: Possible distractions – feeling right

  1. Alexis says:

    Hey, I’m here for the first time. I found this site and am finding it truly useful; it helped me out a lot. I’m looking forward to another of your posts so that it will help others as it has helped me.

    • DeniZe says:

      Hello first timer and welcome! I am so pleased that my session on distractions had take-home value for not only you but for future viewers as well. If you’d like to continue enhancing your wine experience and enjoyment, why not subscribe to receive notifications of new video posts and vineyard reviews by email? It’s easy-peasy! I also hope to have an RSS Feed available soon. DeniZe Ü

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