PS Formal tastings: What they don’t tell you

From this day forward, start becoming aware of what you’re wearing on your feet. Take a mental note of which shoes make your feet feel comfy cozy and which shoes make them bark and bite. I know, especially for us girls, it’s a female-macho thing to wear fancy footwear that screams fashion but not functionality. And in these cases, we tend to just grin and bear temporary foot discomfort. Why? Because it’s just that, temporary. However, temporary discomfort can very quickly turn into an eternity when your feet are trapped in uncomfortable shoes with no hope of escape.  For this sole reason, start monitoring how your feet feel in your collection of footwear. Which shoes stop being comfortable after an hour of walking and standing and which shoes will take you to the ends of the earth on a cloud of comfort. It’s the latter that will save your day at a tasting.

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